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Monument signs – your company's business card

Is there an advertising sign that meets the customers just as they are approaching your office? So that when the customers take one look at it, they know they really want it and go straight to the address. The answer: Of course, there is.  And that’s monument signs.

Monument signs meets the customer anywhere:

  • monument signs invite us to visit an amusement park,
  • monument signs greet us as we enter a town or village, 
  • monument signs advertise a restaurant’s specials by the pond, 
  • monument signs will offer an overnight stay and rest at a roadside motel,
  • on monument signs we can read what clothing brands are featured in the mall, 
  • a glance at monument signs will tell us what the price of gasoline at our favorite gas station is today, 
  • and so on.

Indeed, the monument sign is a business card for almost any business. The customers see your monument sign before they even cross the threshold of your office. This means that the client gets a first impression of you. How solid you are, whether you have a sense of style, what your advantages are, how to get to you, and so on. And it’s true! The opportunities of monument signs for business are quite extensive.

Monument signs – your company's business card

Creative monument signs

Monument signs can do many things:

  • monument signs can draw customers’ attention,
  • monument signs can be informative, or they can be succinct and simple,
  • monument signs can be original and stand out from other advertising,
  • monument signs can be interesting and intriguing,
  • monument signs can even be humorous and put the customer in the mood for the day.

It’s all about one thing: 

To attract the maximum number of new customers. Monument signs should attract customers like bright flowers in a meadow attract swarms of bees! 

Monument signs provide a huge field for the application of custom monuments signs. There are many varieties of monument signs, which differ in shape, size, types of lighting and materials from which they are manufactured. Everything must be perfect: a competent design, quality workmanship and accurate, safe installation.  

Therefore, only a trusted company can be chosen to perform monument signs.

Southland Signs has extensive experience, production, installation equipment and a professional team for any monument signs ideas

Southland Signs is a sign company based in Houston that is constantly on the lookout for new, modern solutions to their clients’ needs. For over 40 years, Southland Signs has served countless companies throughout Texas.  And as a reward for this – thousands of satisfied, grateful and happy customers. Southland Signs is a family business based on family values. From generation to generation, we pass down our years of experience, our uncompromising commitment to quality, and our desire to be honest with ourselves and our customers.

For more visibility, we recommend checking out our gallery to see our completed Monument signs projects.

Southland Signs can manufacture monument signs for any customer’s budget. Naturally, the more complex the monument signs design, the higher the cost. It also depends on the size, complexity of installation, materials, type and option of backlighting and even whether there should be a moving hand with a hat that keeps waving at us. ☺

Southland Signs will make every effort to offer a price and a variant of Monument Signs that will 100% suit you!

You can easily place an order or clarify any information you are interested in by calling our phone numbers or contacting us via email or by filling out the online contact form on our website.  Our consulting staff will be glad to assist you from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.

Full-cycle Sign Services in Texas

1. Sign Design

Our experts design your sign to meet your needs

2. Custom Fabrication

We fabricate your sign to your specific needs

3. Installation

Our team of professionals can handle any installation

4. Service & support

For all your new and existing signage

What Our Clients Say!

If I could give 10 stars, I would. Oliver was excellent from the start. Very quick turnaround time. He was easy to communicate with and even when I was still looking around at other sign companies, he still reached out. My heart kept bringing me back to Southland Signs. I am beyond pleased with my signs. I ordered a door sign, my official building sign, and a monument sign. The speed of delivery to my office for installation was extremely amazing that I definitely cried from the interested work and how well this company takes pride in what they do. I will be returning for future work and the likelihood of them at 10,000%!

Candie Robles

In today's atmosphere we usually get one of two things. Either quality or customer service. Southland Signs breaks the mold by exceeding all expectations. We honestly couldn't be happier with both of the signs they have completed for us. And if we ever open a third, we wouldn't blink to call Mr Eddie!

Alex Rangel

I had SouthLand Signs make a sign for my business. It was painless and affordable. They walked me through the design process to approve the design and I was very pleased. After they installed it, that was the cherry on top as a new business owner. I’ll definitely use them again for any signs I need made in the future.

Headquarters Shave Parlor

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