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Today in modern business, no matter what type of business you are in, no matter where your company is located, signage is more than just a piece of plastic with your name and logo. Signage has become a “weapon” in the competitive battle for every customer.
SouthLand Signs is a family-owned and -operated business since 2009. We are located in the
Houston, Texas area of Pasadena, Texas and proudly serve clients throughout Texas.

Southland Signs, a full-service sign company with over 40 years of experience in the industry, can help you with a sign issue.   


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What is signage today?

it is the first impression of your company.  Often the customer sees your signage first and then your business. So, signage is exactly the kind of motivator that can tip the scales in the direction of making a customer visit your company. Signage is a kind of smile on your face, which disposes the person in front of you to open up to you, to trust you. 

– it is a “beacon” in the “ocean” of signs of other brands. Now standing in one spot, we can see up to a few dozen or even hundreds of different signs right next to you simultaneously. So how do you make sure your future customer pays attention to your logo? That’s a good question!

– it is a “germ” of trust in your business. It depends on the content of the signage, its shape, color, design and more. But it does work.

– it’s your unique style, impeccable taste, 100% recognizability. This is what can make you stand out among thousands of other companies’ signs.

– it’s the “bait” for your “fish”. This is how an ideal sign should act on the client. More and more customers! A big “catch”!!!

Full-cycle Sign Services in Texas

1. Sign Design

Our experts design your sign to meet your needs

2. Custom Fabrication

We fabricate your sign to your specific needs

3. Installation

Our team of professionals can handle any installation

4. Service & support

For all your new and existing signage

Southland Signs is able to design, manufacture and install signs of any complexity and scale

From three-dimensional letters on your store to huge premium signs in front of your gas station or cafe. And moreover…. Click on the links and read the specific information on each type of signage to see which sign is closer to your liking. 

Storefront signs

Storefront sign is a ‘face’ of your business. A huge field for the application of custom storefront signs.

Pylon Signs

Southland Signs has extensive experience and a professional team for any pylon signs ideas.

Monument signs

Signs should attract customers like bright flowers in a meadow attract swarms of bees!

Indoor signage

That’s right, Indoor signage is an essential part of the advertising design of the interior of any company.

Channel letters

We will manufacture and install custom channel letters signs of any complexity and size.

Led Signs

Southland Signs are sure to help you find the best led signs solution for your business!

Perforated window

We will help you choose and implement exactly the right version of perforated window.

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What are the reasons to start working with Southland Signs:

– First of all, it is an integrated approach to solving the tasks: creation and development of a project of any complexity, self-production, professional installation on site. We will help you choose exactly the type of signage that will solve all the tasks and satisfy all your requirements. 

Impeccable business recommendation and extensive work experience. Decades of work in this field give us the opportunity to be proud of our cooperation with companies such as KFC, Pizza Hut, with such hotels as Scottish Inn, EconoLodge, La Quinta, Motel6 and many other companies. You can take a look at our gallery to see our work – custom signs.

Our own production. We are not an intermediary company that only accepts orders. Our own production base allows us to ensure high quality of production, fast turnaround cycle for your orders, offer you attractive prices and avoid involving third parties. 

Professional team. We are able to transfer into reality ideas of any complexity and scale. Experience and skills are passed down from generation to generation, so SouthLand Signs is a family business based on family values.

Warranty, Service and Support. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our projects, products and parts. We use only proven quality materials, reliable methods of product installation and service. We add personalized approach to each customer’s need and family business values.


What Our Clients Say!

Если бы я мог дать 10 звезд, я бы. Оливер с самого начала был превосходен в общении. Супер быстро с разворотом цитаты. Очень приятно, с ним легко общаться, и даже когда я все еще искал другие компании по производству вывесок, он все равно продолжал и протягивал руку. Мое сердце продолжало возвращать меня к Southland Signs. Я более чем доволен своими знаками. Заказывал табличку на дверь, свою официальную табличку на здание и на памятник. Скорость доставки вывесок в мой офис для установки была чрезвычайно удивительной, что я определенно плакала от заинтересованной работы, а также от того, насколько хорошо эта компания гордится тем, что они делают. Я вернусь для будущей работы и вероятность их на 10 000%!

Candie Robles

In today's atmosphere we usually get one of two things. Either quality or customer service. Southland Signs breaks the mold by exceeding all expectations. We honestly couldn't be happier with both of the signs they have completed for us. And if we ever open a third, we wouldn't blink to call Mr Eddie!

Alex Rangel

I had SouthLand Signs make a sign for my business. It was painless and affordable. They walked me through the design process to approve the design and I was very pleased. After they installed it, that was the cherry on top as a new business owner. I’ll definitely use them again for any signs I need made in the future.

Headquarters Shave Parlor

How to order

You can easily order this and more by calling our phone numbers or contacting us by email or filling out the online feedback form on our website.  

We are looking forward to meeting you and being a reliable partner for your business!




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