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Led sign Houston

So, lets reflect on the benefits of LED signs:

Energy savings.  Led signs consume many times less than conventional signs using incandescent, neon, fluorescent lamps. Thus, we not only save money, but also consume less resources, thereby reducing the damage to the environment.

Moderate cost and ease of maintenance. Due to the low cost and compact size of the led module itself, it is possible to produce signs of any complexity, configuration and size. The price of such signs will be much lower than using, for example, neon. A service process of such led signs is many times less complicated. It is enough to open the lid of the sign and replace the necessary modules in a matter of minutes.

Long service life of Led Signs. Led Signs have a lifespan of approximately 10 years, which greatly exceeds the lifespan of the lighted signs that use obsolete light sources.

Reliability. As mentioned, Led technology has become quite advanced these days. This is a long service life, and a reasonable price. In addition, led signs are able to work in fairly extreme conditions: at temperatures from  -58°F to 122°F, as well as at significant fluctuations of humidity.

Safety. Today led signs are absolutely safe. When glowing – led modules are practically not heated (maximum temperature does not exceed + 86°F). Thus, it makes led signs completely fireproof. In addition, the production of led modules does not use harmful substances such as chlorine, mercury, which in turn makes the led signs technology absolutely environmentally friendly. 

A huge variety of designs of led signs. This is perhaps the most important advantage that allows you to realize almost all the fantasies of the customer. Led light sources can be used both indoors and outdoors, as in the lightbox, as well as in the form of screens with a “ticker”, with LED lights inside and outside signage, the so-called “open LEDs”. There are also standard signs, such as “Open” or “Closed” and custom led signage, which are made in a unique design and a single copy. In addition, led light sources can be used in the manufacture of such popular signs as:

  • led signs
  • channel letters
  • pylon signs
  • monument signs
  • storefront signs
  • perforated window
  • indoor signage
  • and much more.

You can click on the links and read the specific information on each type of signage to see which sign is closer to your liking . 

We are sure to help you find the best led signs solution for your business!

You can easily place an order or clarify any information you are interested in by calling our phone numbers or contacting us by email or by filling out the feedback form on our website.  

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What Our Clients Say!

If I could give 10 stars, I would. Oliver was excellent from the start. Very quick turnaround time. He was easy to communicate with and even when I was still looking around at other sign companies, he still reached out. My heart kept bringing me back to Southland Signs. I am beyond pleased with my signs. I ordered a door sign, my official building sign, and a monument sign. The speed of delivery to my office for installation was extremely amazing that I definitely cried from the interested work and how well this company takes pride in what they do. I will be returning for future work and the likelihood of them at 10,000%!

Candie Robles

In today's atmosphere we usually get one of two things. Either quality or customer service. Southland Signs breaks the mold by exceeding all expectations. We honestly couldn't be happier with both of the signs they have completed for us. And if we ever open a third, we wouldn't blink to call Mr Eddie!

Alex Rangel

I had SouthLand Signs make a sign for my business. It was painless and affordable. They walked me through the design process to approve the design and I was very pleased. After they installed it, that was the cherry on top as a new business owner. I’ll definitely use them again for any signs I need made in the future.

Headquarters Shave Parlor

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